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 Commode, Pan, Urinal, Accesories
European, Anglo Indian and wall hung are the members of the water closet family. As per your design, you can choose from any of these. The wall hung are specially used in compact spaces with a unique ease of washing the floor without the base disturbing the activity. The Anglo Indian is a dual purpose W.C. and can be used at a place where the users may have mixed tastes.

Indian commodes are also available as per the functionality required. Indian pans can be complemented by sturdy footrests.

Water closet
Match your space and design with our water closet variants. The European can go with Victorian and Hellenic themes. The Anglo Indian is for a dual choice of function. The cascade has an attached tank matches the design.
Name : European P/S
Size : 360 x 470 x 420mm
Name : Effo European P/S
Size : 360 x 470 x 420mm
Name : Anglo Indian P/S
Size : 360 x 470 x 420mm
Name : Casscade Set P/S
Size : 370 x 660 x 815mm
Wall Hung
The wall hung W.C. is perfect for compact and stylish look of the bathroom. The available shapes are as shouwnin the pictures and are enough to match the theme you choose. They are available in a number of colors as well.
Name : Wall Hung
Size : 395 x 580 x 390mm
Name : Wipro Wall Hung
Size : 370 x 670 x 790mm
Name : Anglo Wall Hung
Size : 425 x 585 x 410mm
Name : Casscade Wall Hung
Size : 370 x 660 x 790mm
Urinals are available in four shapes. The corner being the compact one while the squatting is the floor mounted. The half stall provides the style while the flat back provides the utility.
Name : Flat Back Urinal
Size : 360 x 290 x 440mm
Name : Corner Urinal
Size : 275 x 275 x 425mm
Name : Urinal Squatting
Size : 455 x 370 x 95mm
Name : Flat Back Large Urinal
Size : 420 x 360 x 620mm
Indian pans are suitable for all bathrooms and find a good use in rural areas. We have matching foot rest for them as well.

The other pans are also available and are suitable as per the need.

Name : Orissa Pan
Size : 410 x 520 x 280mm (20")
Name : Indian Pan
Size : 470 x 310mm (18")
Name : C.T.Pan
Size : 420 x 520 x 170mm (20")
Soap Dishes & Other Accessories
The variety includes the availability in shapes and colors. There are rounds and squares. There are double decks as well. They are perfect add ons to the classical collections.

What is a design without a perfect accessory. Sonet brings your shelves, channels and cisterns to help you add to the beauty of you sanitary ware collection by providing the matching accessories.

Name : Cistern
Size : 500 x 230 x 325mm
(10 Ltrs.)
Name : Foot Rest
Size : 255 x 130mm
Name : Flat Channel
Size : 610 x 170 x 80mm (24")
Name : Prince Shelf
Name : P-Trap
Name : Went P-Trap
Name : S-Band Convertor
Name : S-Trap
Name : Supreme
Size : 8" x 4"
Name : Repose
Size : 12" x 6"
Name : Camy
Size : 8" x 4"
Name : Paper Holder
Size : 6" x 6"
Name : Repose
Size : 6" x 6"
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